Warning to students who are selling their NSFAS allowances

NSFAS is investigating several incidents of fraud that involve some students from the University of Venda who were found selling their NSFAS allowance vouchers for cash. NSFAS has recalled book allowances for two students at the university and will use the funds to subsidise other needy students.

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We would like to express our disappointment at these irresponsible actions, especially by students who went on violent protests earlier this month because they had not yet received their allowances for books and meals. In an effort to respond speedily to their plight earlier this month, NSFAS met with the university officials to speed up the process to allocate allowances to qualifying students through the sBux system. By the 12th of April 2017, we had disbursed allowances for books and food to the value of R2 818 813.00 to over 10 000 students at the university. However, some students immediately started to sell their allowances publicly at discounted amounts on the same day. This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

It is important to note that allowances are allocated to students according to their financial needs as reported to NSFAS by their institutions and supplied by students through their NSFAS application forms. These allowances are disbursed to support students through the academic year, and not to be sold to third parties.

Students are strongly advised to carefully read the sBux terms and conditions as provided in the agreement form, as it is illegal for them to sell their allowances. We appeal to the broader student community to report anyone found selling their NSFAS vouchers. We also appeal to Student Representative Councils (SRCs) to take note of these illegal activities by students and make efforts to bring this trend to a stop, because they are the structures students run to when they engage in protests.

Students are encouraged to contact the Vuvuzela Hotline if they have been victims of or witnessed any manipulation of the sBux system and its allowances. Vuvuzela Hotline 0800 203 900, call back 072 595 9139 or email nsfas@thehotline.co.za.

Issued by
Kagisho Mamabolo, NSFAS Spokesperson

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