An Example of a job application cover letter

This is the first document that potential employers sees in your application for a job. About 95% of companies requires you to send an application letter nowadays, so it is a must letter to have if you are serious about getting that job interview you are always dreaming of.

We are going to show you the best way to write your cover letter, what is important in the letter and what is not important. Your cover letter must stand out from the rest to be considered.

The structure of your cover letter should include the following: introduction, mention the job you are applying for, match your skills and experiences with those required by your potential employer, encourage the potential employer to read your resume and you must finish your letter with a call to action where you request an interview or a meeting.

You cover letter should not be more than one page. It is supposed to be a summary of information that is already in your resume. Keep it short all the time. You should never use the same cover letter on different job applications, but you can use the same writing strategy.

You must avoid addressing your letter as “To whom it may concern” by finding out who to address your letter to. If the person is not mentioned on the job advertisement, try to phone the HR department and ask them to whom you should address your letter to.

Here is an example of a perfect cover letter for a learnership application, you can use the same strategy on any job application letter. Hope you find the example useful:

Martin Smith

33 Athol Avenue



089 569 8794


South Africa Electric Company

Allen Retief

HR Manager

33 Douglass Avenue




11 May 2016

Dear Mr Retief

With reference to your advertisement in the local Star newspaper on the 30 April 2016, I wish to apply for the position of learner electrician at your Craighall branch.

I believe I have the necessary skills and abilities for this job. I am organized, resourceful, personable and a fast learner. I am also fluent in all official languages. I have completed my matric with a pass in Science and Mathematics as per your requirements, with a symbol B in Science and symbol C in Mathematics.

I am ready and willing to fulfill my dream of being a qualified Electrician and this is the opportunity that will give me a chance.

Your company excels at electric service, a field in which I would like to persue a career. I am also very eager to become part of a winning team like yours. Joining your company would give me a chance to develop useful skills that will help in persuing my long-term career goals.

If you are interested in meeting with me, I am available weekdays at 11h00 and 13h00 or anytime on weekends.

My latest resume is herewith attached together with this cover letter. I look forward for a positive reply from your end. Thank you for your time.


Yours Sincerely

Martin Smith