Applying for government vacancies

We are all aware of the job application methods that are commonly used on most of the advertised jobs and they are not different at all. They use the same system like uploading your CV and supporting documents including qualifications online and that seems very easy and simple to do. Some request you send your application on email provided on the advertisement.

When it comes to government jobs, it is totally different to all other private jobs out there. There are a few steps that you must follow before applying for a government vacancy. They don’t use the online uploading system and sometimes they use the emailing system but not at all times.

Government jobs are applied using certain application forms that are available on their website. It depends which department you are applying for but mostly they require a completed Z83 form and the certified documents which includes your certified ID copy, your certified copies of qualifications and your CV.

Another challenge regarding government jobs application process is the use of postal system to send all your documents to the relevant department for a selection process. It is a bit expensive and time consuming. You must make sure you post your application as early as possible as it takes a few days for the post to reach the destination and sometimes it is bad because the postal service is on strike and you never know if your documents will be delivered on time or not.

The first thing you must do before applying for a government job is make sure you have no criminal record or pending criminal record. If you apply while you have a criminal record there is no way you would be considered for the desired job even if you are the candidate they are looking for.

Another thing you must make sure you have a valid ID book, if not you will not be considered. If you are a foreigner you won’t stand a chance either as they prefer their citizens first. Only if there is not even one citizen who can do the job they advertised, then they will consider foreign applicants just as in any position and everything will also be stated on the job advertisement.

You must also be a registered tax payer to be considered, if not you must first apply for a tax number at one of the SARS (South African Revenue Services) offices. They are very strict when it comes to tax number. You must make sure you have it before sending your application.

If you are considered for the position you applied for you stand to be part of all benefits that are part of government employees. Some of them include being part of the Government Pension Fund (GPF) which has its own rules governing the fund apart from the other pension funds rules.

You also stand a chance of being part of the Government Employees Medical Scheme (GEMS) which is also regulated by its own rules. There are a lot of other benefits that you stand to benefit as part of the government employees. These benefits are very good considering that you stay within the government employment for a longer period.

Keep on applying for the government vacancies until you find something especially now that you have full information regarding the application process.

Good luck!